NEURC approved transition to incentive tariff setting for DTEK Dnipro Grids

NEURC approved transition to incentive tariff setting for DTEK Dnipro Grids


On November 18, 2020, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) approved a draft decision on tariffs for electricity distribution services in 2021 for DTEK Dnipro Grids in accordance with the incentive tariff setting methodology.

As per the new methodology, the scope of investments in improving the power supply quality by DTEK Dnipro Grids will increase by UAH 272 million compared to 2020. Investments in improving the infrastructure of power grids within the area of the company's licensed business (the city of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk Region) will amount to UAH 1.025 billion. For comparison, the company's investment program for 2020, formed per the "Cost+" method, is 27% less and amounts to UAH 753 million*.

These investments will be used to improve the quality of power supply in accordance with the planned indicators that are determined by the state regulator, NEURC, such as reducing both losses in power grids and the SAIDI indicator (power outage time).

According to the quality parameters defined by the NEURC, thanks to the introduction of incentive tariffs, in 13 years, the time of power outage for customers should be reduced from the current 410 min/year to 150 min/year for a city and 300 min/year for rural areas.

The implementation of automation and digitalization technologies will be the key area of DTEK Dnipro Grids’ focus. Such projects are intended to transform the current electric grid infrastructure into a Smart Grid over the long run that meets the needs of today's economy and customers. For example, already in 2021, UAH 43.5 million will be used to develop an automatic dispatch control system, which monitors the technical condition of electrical equipment in real time. Thanks to the introduction of incentive tariff setting, the volumes of electrical equipment upgrading will be increased in comparison with the current year. This will help to respond to emergencies promptly, and eliminate them at the earliest.

Investments in the development of modern digital customer service channels, such as an online portal, chatbot and mobile application, will ensure that the interaction of customers with the company is fast, easy and convenient.

*The investment program is a program of work and costs approved by the Regulator for the renovation, modernization and construction of power grid infrastructure. It is approved annually by NEURC for each distribution systems operator.

In August 2020, NEURC adopted a new tariff setting methodology for electricity distribution based on the principle of incentive tariff setting to replace the "Costs +" system. It attracts more investment in power grid infrastructure, which has a positive effect on the quality of power supply for customers.